Arsenic and old lace

A Classic Black Comedy written by Joseph Kesselring. The play is set in Brooklyn New York in the 1940s at the home of the eccentric family – The Brewsters.
The plot revolves around two elderly sisters, who have their own unique way of taking care of needy lodgers!
The sisters have three nephews, all different and most definitely unusual. One nephew is living with them and he believes that he is Teddy Roosevelt! Another nephew, Mortimer a theater critic, who is in love with his aunts' neighbor, Elaine, the daughter of the local vicar. And the third nephew - well let's just be frank and say he really is a piece of work!
In this peaceful suburb of Brooklyn, a tale will unfold, involving hidden truths and dark secrets that will change the lives of everyone in this house. It will also be hilariously funny to watch this happen!
We promise you a play that you will not forget in a hurry!

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